Our commitment to exploring, discovering and enjoying the very best of Taiwan’s natural environment is unrivalled.

We love what we do and it shows on the smiling faces of all who share in our adventures. Join us!

Meet Kaiden, one of my best friends. Fearless, funny and just so much fun to be around.Nothing beats a day spent on the water.Nikki, Acacia, Isan, Kaiden, Joel, Debby and Austin… an awesome team!Fall asleep under the stars to the sound of crashing waves, in the comfort of your floating tree tent. CampingTaiwan the ultimate campsite.After searching and exploring this stretch of coast for over 15 years we are still blown away and never tire of its beauty. We are so happy to see the same excitement on the faces of our campers.Friends pushing each other to new heights.Day one and our campers are already immersed in nature and Taiwan’s beauty.CampingTaiwan… a happy family.Friends forever.Stone, wood, shells… natures very own toy store.Kaiden proud of his catch.Returning home after a day spent at sea.Jump into adventure.Jurassic Park.A secret little bay… the perfect setting for a memorable day.Austin’s first wave. It’s so amazing to see how quickly our little campers fall in love with the ocean.Playing in the surf, our morning shower.Best friends.Feel the power of the pacific!Thirsty… The rivers we play in are so clean you can drink the water straight from them!Low tide rock pools, a safe window into the beauty of the ocean.The smile says it all. Aisling all smiles after completing her first SUP jump.Kitty and a monster shrimp. It tasted delicious!Paradise. An escape from the midday sun.Creating lasting friendships through amazing experiences shared together.At CampingTaiwan fun finds us. Morning cuddles with a baby monkey.Fearlessly enjoying the surf along Taiwan’s east coast.Austin, the smile says it all.At CampingTaiwan we create our own fun. Sophia showing just how it’s done.Lucas showing off his catch. Fresh shrimp!Kaiden flying through the air. You are my hero, little buddy.Natures infinity pool overlooking the Pacific.Half the fun of surfing is “wiping out”!The adventure begins…Kaiden and the butterfly… Inseparable.Afternoon relaxation in front of our camp.Floating down our favourite river.Kitty, Angel, Aisling, Sophia and Lorenzo coming back from shopping at natures 7-11.Morning business meeting. Campers busy planning the days adventures.Isan ready to tackle surfing for the first time.Sophia always full of smiles.Best friends having the time of their life together.Not a care in the world…Heloise, Clemence, Violet, Mimi, Timothy and Megan set out snorkelling.Kitty creating a natural picture frame for her sister Angel as she prepares to jump.Resting up under the shade of our tents, as we prepare for our next adventure.Lucas at home in the rice fields of Taiwan.Sisters bonding in the surf.Another day, another adventure.Acacia, a little girl born for adventure.Escape. Sailing, camping, snorkelling… beautiful Taiwan.Home sweet home.Sun dried flying fish.Searching for lunch.Hidden coves, hidden beauty.Finding out first hand the Sea Cucumbers defence mechanism.The view from our floating tree tents…  The Pacific Ocean and smiling faces, just the way we like it!Pure excitement as the fish strike.“Did you see that?”Baiting the shrimp traps.Camping, friends, music and smiles…Handmade fishing rods.Taiwan is the ultimate classroom and playground!Girls just having fun.Djolina showing the boys how its done.Forming friendships that will last forever.Simply too cute.Headed home on a handmade bamboo raft.Bodyboarding buddies.The Pacific Ocean creating a momentary window to Taiwan.Happy campers!Exploring Taiwan’s coastline.Water fights.Camping and kids, it just goes together.Helping hands.Whats on your mind?Little campers focused on setting up their shrimp traps perfectly… No shrimp will be escaping today!Devoting over 15 years searching for wind and waves, we understand Taiwan’s weather like no other!Sharing is caring.Happy girls.Teamwork with friends.Loving Taiwan.It is awesome watching how creative kids can be. Djolina making her own horsey raft.Our playground… The Pacific! Joel and Debby enjoying the natural beauty of their home.The calm of the ocean creating a giant mirror.Deep blue.Happily standing tall… for now!Tim bonding with his new found friend.I caught a big one!Feeling happy.Anticipation!Pure joy!Searching for waves…Ahoy! Let’s set sail.Relaxing.A new day’s adventure.Taiwan’s east coast is stunning.Join us and dive in!Monkey see, monkey do. Blow!Tim just loved finding animal friends.Compared to nature we are all small.Squishies.Running from waves.What are they doing?Taiwan’s colourful coast.Fishing fanatics.Got it!Water babies.Making and knocking down rock snowmen.A game of charades.A healthy breakfast.Snorkelling sisters!“Do you like my socks?”Tadpoles!Making the ultimate hang out spot with some driftwood and bamboo.Natures aquarium.Music with breakfast.Juniper and Debby talk about life as the others concentrate on getting dinner.Debby starts and ends everyday with a smile.Relaxing above a natural tidal rock pool.Planning the next adventure up the river.Accommodation, transportation… check.Are you joining us for a beach bbq tonight? We hope so.Little kids and… Big kids.Woohoo!Roasting the perfect marshmallow is a fine art.Ready to drop our traps.Four little campers share their first sunset and night under the stars together.Pool toys just make any situation more fun!Watching lives change before your very eyes.Preparing to set sail.Contentment in nature.No cup, no worries.My favourite view in Taiwan.The girls letting their creative side go wild.The smile of success. A day spent navigating down rivers on a homemade raft. Kiss and release. We want granddad. Jump into adventure.“Hands up if you are having fun?”Early morning fishing expedition.Happy hunters.Surround yourself in nature and feel really alive.Polly and Penny.We are all students of nature.Everything we need.Debby and Acacia two of the most fun girls you will ever meet.A tadpole tries to escape! “Did he make it… Yes!”Three little campers enjoying their own private campground and beach.Our old car and home to many adventures along Taiwan’s coastline.The excitement at catching a… leaf!Watering… Joel!Enjoying a refreshing rock pool on a sunny day.River tracing.Fun and games.Camping is all about the simple things that make us really feel happy. Learning can be FUN!Jumping over Joel.Waking up slowly with nature.We caught one!Natures swimming pool. Flawless.Sailing the East Coast.Perfection.Ocean view hotel…Bathtime.Regardless of the size, we have fun!Coming up smiles.Family fun.Float away your worries.We love life.Life is an amazing adventure.Djolina hand picked and made this beautiful wild flower crown.Taiwan is unique in many ways.Children adapt, fall in love with and connect with nature so fast.We think this little guy was the star actor “Toothless” in “How to Train Your Dragon”.Whoops!Nielli starting to feel hungry baiting her hook.Waking up to a beautiful sunrise is the best way to start your day.Sheer exhilaration after their first rock jump.We all love summer.Sharing love with the locals.Taiwan is home to many world class waves.“I can fly”.The search.Relaxing in natures “livingroom”.Joel and Debby doing what they do best. Being happy, having fun and making every day an adventure.Natural hot spring.What do you do when you fall down? Get back up. Camping Taiwan campers… All smiles!