Summer Camp

Kids love life. They start each day with a smile and a desire for adventure. We are that adventure.

Up to four dedicated guides provide six young adventurers with the experience of a lifetime.

Activities / Education

Let Taiwan’s nature be the classroom to inspire your child’s mind and the playground to grow their strength and confidence.

  • Real Adventure
  • Real Activities
  • Real Learning
  • Real Joy
  • Real Challenges
  • Real Triumph
  • Real Teamwork
  • Real Amazement
  • Real Fun
  • Real Happiness
  • Real Friends
  • Real Life

Core Ocean Activities主要海洋活動

  • Sailing - look for dolphins, search for sea life
  • Ocean Fishing - troll, live bait and balloon for big game fish
  • Snorkelling - dive for abalone, hunt for crab and lobster
  • Rock climbing/Cave exploration
  • Kayaking/Stand Up Paddle boarding/Bodyboarding
  • 航行-找尋海豚,尋找海洋生物
  • 海釣-船釣,活餌及汽球釣大型掠食魚
  • 浮潛-潛水採九孔,捕抓螃蟹和龍蝦
  • 攀岩/洞穴探險
  • 獨木舟/立漿板/趴板活動

Core River Activities主要溪河活動

  • River tracing - hike, climb and rock jump pristine waterways
  • Fishing - make fishing rods from what nature provides
  • Shrimping - set up and identify top locations for shrimp traps
  • Explore secret waterfalls
  • Unagi fishing and throw netting
  • 溯溪-健行,攀岩及河畔溪畔岩石跳水
  • 釣魚-用自然資源自製釣魚竿
  • 釣蝦-準備蝦網及找出最佳放網位置
  • 秘密瀑布探險
  • 撈鰻苗和撒網

Core Camp Activities主要營隊活動

  • Base camp - tent set-up, understanding the natural surroundings
  • Environmental Awareness - weather impact on air, land and ocean
  • Feeding Monkeys - Feed Mike, Molly, Max and Mia our local family of monkeys
  • Build and respect a camp fire - outdoor cooking secrets, roast the perfect marshmallow
  • Farming - visit rice farms and pick pineapples
  • 營地-架設帳蓬,熟悉周遭自然環境
  • 環保意識-了解天氣對空氣,土地和海洋的影響
  • 餵猴子-餵我們在地的猴子家族Mike,Molly,Max和Mia
  • 生營火和尊重營火-野外烹煮的秘訣,烤出完美的棉花糖
  • 農場活動-拜訪當地稻田和採收鳳梨

Camp Schedule 6 days / 5 nights營隊行程六天五夜

CampingTaiwan Schedule: Get excited!,Travel to Hualien,Ocean swim,Body boarding,Outdoor lunch in nature,Explore campsite,Set up tents,Rock climbing,Ocean swim / Ocean fun-slide,Beach campfire, Dinner, Marshmallows,Campfire, Storytime, Games,Fall asleep under the stars,Wake up, Ocean swim, Ocean fun-slide,Beachside camp breakfast. Prepare for the day’s adventures,Feed the monkeys; Mike, Molly, Max and Mia!,Hiking,River tracing,SUP (standup paddle boarding),River fishing,River shrimping,Rock jump,Bodyboarding,River tracing,Secret waterfall,Bodyboarding,Unagi fishing,Sailing,Ocean rock jump,Snorkling for abalone,Sailing,Snorkling in coral rock pools,Ocean kayak / fishing,Sailing,Explore secret rock islands,Sailing,SUP (standup paddle boarding),Sailing / fishing,Visit local farms;,Rice farm,Pineapple farm (pick pineapples),Travel back to Taipei,Share your adventures with Mum and Dad

CampingTaiwan embraces nature and allows current weather conditions to determine the exact activity we engage in at any time. As a result the schedule is subject to change. The ultimate outdoor experience and safety of our young campers is our primary priority.

Download schedule PDF. 下載PDF

Campsite Location地點/營地

Taiwan’s coastal mountain range between Hualien and Taitung acts as the perfect backdrop to our beach front eco-campsite. Wake up to spectacular sunrises and uninterrupted views of the Pacific Ocean from the comfort of your tree tent - suspended above the natural contours of the land.

Hidden by nature and requiring a quick beach hike to access, this is your secret paradise.




The physical and emotional safety of our campers is paramount. You need a critical and thoughtful eye to ensure safety in the outdoors. At CampingTaiwan we understand this and have first aid accreditation as well as Australian Surf Lifesaving Accreditation.

With a maximum of only 6 campers to 3-4 dedicated guides we offer the best guide to camper ratio in Taiwan. Safety is our primary concern.


在最多6位參加者搭配3-4位全心投入的指導員下,我們是目前在台灣露營客和嚮導比例最高的 安全是我們的當務之急

Summer Adventure Camp Dates 6 days / 5 nights, 夏令探險營梯次時間六天五夜,26000

  1. July 2-7Booked out
  2. July 9-14Book Now馬上預訂
  3. July 16-21Booked out
  4. July 23-28Book Now馬上預訂
  5. July 30 - Aug 4Book Now馬上預訂
  6. Aug 6-11Book Now馬上預訂
  7. Aug 13-18Book Now馬上預訂
  8. Aug 20-25Book Now馬上預訂
  1. 7月 2-7日滿額
  2. 7月 9-14日Book Now馬上預訂
  3. 7月16-21日滿額
  4. 7月 23-28日Book Now馬上預訂
  5. 7月30日 - 8月4日Book Now馬上預訂
  6. 8月6-11日Book Now馬上預訂
  7. 8月13-18日Book Now馬上預訂
  8. 8月20-25日Book Now馬上預訂