• How many campers will attend each camp?

    A maximum of 6 children attend each camp. This creates a real feeling of family, develops close relationships and maintains safety.

  • How old does my child have to be?

    Your child should have finished first grade and be 6-15 years old. Efforts will be made to group students of similar age and ability.

    Younger campers can be considered if parents feel they are ready for such an adventure.

  • What will you do to help my child be safe?

    With 3-4 guides catering to a maximum of 6 students, we provide an amazing 1:2 ratio of guide per student. This enables real support, supervision, and security.

    Safety = Knowledge

    Joel has an unmatched understanding of Taiwan’s nature, weather and environment. He strives to build confidence in the children through prepared and calculated adventure, not risk or endangerment.

  • What language will my child use during the camp?

    Your child will speak English almost exclusively, while not even realizing they are doing so. Learning naturally… just the way it should be.

    At Camping Taiwan, English language acquisition is heightened through adventure, fun, excitement and happiness.

  • How can I know how my child is doing?

    Sit back and relax from the comfort of your own home and experience all the amazing adventures your child is embarking upon.

    We will send all parents precious moments captured throughout the day, of your child having the time of their life! Simply join the parents LINE group “Happy Campers” and watch in awe as your child discovers new and exciting life skills.

    We understand that some parents, just like their children, love adventure and want to share in the fun. CampingTaiwan will be adding “Family Camps” in the future. These will be aimed at educating parents in all that is needed to lead their families on amazing adventures for years to come.

  • What if my child can not swim?

    At Camping Taiwan we treat all campers as if they have zero swimming experience. We provide extremely comfortable, United States Coast Guard (USCG) Certified life vests and provide constant supervision and coaching.

    Joel has spent a lifetime in the water and can instil a healthy respect of the ocean in our campers through understanding that builds confidence.

    We have hand picked our swimming locations to ensure they are some of Taiwan’s safest, and we make sure every camper has a great experience in the water, regardless their swimming ability.

  • What if my child gets homesick?

    Camping Taiwan = Family = Adventure = Fun

    In the past, homesickness has proven to be minimal. If you feel your child is not ready to join our adventures, wait until they are.

  • Can I call and visit the camp?



    Camp guides Joel and Debby are contactable 24/7 in case you need to speak to us or your child urgently.

    We have an amazing schedule designed to develop your child’s budding confidence by showing them the very best of what Taiwan’s nature offers. It would be sad to disrupt or hinder this REAL growth experience for them unless it was absolutely necessary.

  • Is your campsite Eco-friendly?

    Yes, our campsite is one of Taiwan’s most eco-friendly campsites.

    Camping Taiwan provides your child with first hand learning opportunities into sustainable living, as well as respect for Taiwan’s natural environment.

    Your child will be amazed at the fun of utilizing solar power, the cleanliness of composting toilets and the simplicity of using a hand pump to access clean water.

    The Campsite has a NO Technology RULE!

    NO Phones!
    NO Tablets!
    NO Computer Games!

  • Where should I drop off and pick up my child?

    The adventure begins at Songshan Train Station in Taipei. Here, we jump on a train and say goodbye to city life. The train ride to Hualien gives us time to get to know each other and get excited about the real adventure that awaits us.

    You can pick up your happy camper 6 days later at the same location. Each camper will return home with stories of adventure, fun and happiness. We hope you enjoy listening to them as much as we did creating them!

  • Where is the campsite located?

    Shhhh...it’s a secret.

    Joel and Debby’s private campsite has been their “home” base for all their adventures in Taiwan and they hope to call it home for years to come. We love its natural beauty and want to share this with our guests, as a result we do not release the exact location with the public.

    On booking your adventure with us, we will provide you with the location. If you are not completely satisfied you can contact us within 48hrs for a full refund.

  • What about very bad weather? Typhoons?

    Camping Taiwan makes use of multiple weather forecast models when planning adventures. If the weather conditions bring too much rain, wind or heat, we have a house in a neighbouring town that is set up to accommodate our campers. Our campers safety and comfort is our priority at all times.

    Joel has spent over 15 years studying Taiwan’s wind, swell and rainfall patterns. This knowledge has enabled him to discover many of Taiwan’s premier surf locations as visually documented at WavesTaiwan.com. Joel possesses a highly skilled understanding of Taiwan’s weather.

  • What will my child eat?

    We love food! We will all eat together and eat the same healthy diet. All food is carefully selected, fresh and healthy local produce that tastes amazing.

  • What are the sleeping arrangements?

    Three, 2-person, suspended tents combine to form one super “Trilogy Tree Tent” where all our campers sleep.

    Raised only a few feet off the ground, campers feel like they are sleeping in the clouds, free from worry about moisture, bugs, and insects. This also allows a nice breeze to cool the underside of the tent.

    Camping Taiwan guides Joel and Debby sleep only a few feet away and will be quick to respond to any of the campers needs.

  • Where does my child go to the bathroom?

    Bathrooms are extremely close. Campers wake up their Bathroom-Buddy and the two campers go to the bathroom together.

    Camp guides are close by to assist if necessary at anytime of the night.

  • Is your Summer Camp as fun as it looks?

    Yes, Yes, Yes!

    We love what we do!
    We love Taiwan!
    We love children!
    We love adventure and fun seems to follow us where ever we go!

We encourage all parents to speak to us by phone or in person, so you can fully appreciate how committed and qualified we are to guide your child on the adventure of a lifetime.

Have further questions?
Please get in touch with Joel or Debby.